NMAM Institute Of Technology
14th-17th February 2018

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Incridea is the National level techno-cultural fest of NMAM Institute of Technology , Nitte. It is a celebration of all forms of technical, literary and cultural talents. Our family started out with Technidarshan and Anandotsava. Now , we ' ve come up with a novel fest model combining the best of in one mega Fest. Our fests have managed to attract students from professional colleges all over the country. This year we’re expecting a footfall of 7000+ students in the campus , with over 45 events planned , Incridea is said to reach new standards. Be there.

From the Principal’s desk

I have seen Technidarshan and Anandotsava for over 7 years and from what I have seen the fests at NMAMIT get bigger and better with each passing year. They have also created their own status to be one of the best technical and cultural fests in the region. The amount of inputs invested, their expectations are always high but Anadotsava and Technidarshan have always managed to surpass them and I am sure Incridea will surpass it too. The organizing committee plays an integral role in making Incridea a success and the fact that the students themselves run the show is something we are all very proud of. I wish the members and volunteers of the organizing committee all the very best in organizing the first edition of Incridea

From the Cultural Coordinator’s desk

I am extremely privileged to be the cultural Coordinator of Incridea 18. Every year, talents and arts from all corners of the Country find a platform to perform at NMAMIT, Nitte. I welcome students from various colleges to come and showcase their talents here at NMAMIT, Nitte. I wish the organizers of the fest all the success and glory that they have set out to achieve.



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February 14th, 2018
February 15th, 2018
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February 17th, 2018


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Staff Co-ordinator

Subrahmanya Bhat

Student Co-ordinator

Vaibhav D'Souza